How to register Max Registry Cleaner?

While you are registering the product, please check you are connected to the Internet.

Step 1: After you install the Max Registry Cleaner on your PC, to register the software please open the program by clicking on the desktop icon.

Step 2: When the Product Interface opens you will find the Register Now button on the top right hand side on the main interface

Click on the "Register Now" button, this will open the Registration window like shown below.

Step 3: Enter your details (First Name, Last Name, E-Mail Address, Address and Phone No).

Step 4: While click on Next Button it will display the another page with following fields, Registration No. , Installation Code, Renewal / Top-Up Registration No., Activation Code [Off-Line].

Step 5: In the text box Registration No enter the Registration Number sent to you through Email after you purchased Max Registry Cleaner.

Please Note:

  1. Copy & paste the Registration Number to ensure exact data entry, do not try to type it in.
  2. Please make sure that all information is entered to the far left of the textbox fields and that there are no blank spaces to the left.

Installation Code: This contains mother board information, which is unique for each and every computer.

Renewal/Top-up Registration No : 15 days prior to expiration of Max Registry Cleaner a message is displayed to renew the subscription so as to remain protected from critical Viruses and spyware. Hence a renew key is required to renew subscription for already existing registered user. After obtaining renew key, copy the key and paste it in renew key box. Then click on Activate Now button. Online user can purchase renew key by clicking renew now button shown in product information. For offline users, renew key can be obtained from our purchased vendor.

Activation Code[/Off-Line] : Activation key is for offline users, which can be obtained by calling our customer support or visiting our webpage from any computer having Internet facility.

After filling in the required information there, an activation key will be provided. Copy the activation key and paste it into Activation Key box and click on Activate Now button.

Step 6: Even after if your product not get registered because of any of problem like internet fluctuation, Max Spyware will display another page like, By which Max Spyware Detector provides some more registration methods like Chat, E-mail and Offline.

Step 7: If you click on Chat Button, it will open Max Secure chat window. By filling some required info. you can start chat with our technical team.

Step 8: If you click on E-mail Button, it will open window like this.

Step 9: If you click on Offline Button, it will open window like this.

Remote Support : You can remotely connect to Max Secure support and have them access your desktop to fix issues by clicking on the Remote Support button. It is team viewer support.

Step 10: Click on Activate Now button. After Successful Registration there will be the message on the main interface of the Max Registry Cleaner "Subscription Expires : Date ( This will be your expiry date )"

You can also see on this issue.

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