Guidelines to process the purchase of Max Registry Cleaner

You have tried our software and now you are satisfied and want to purchase it. Here are the steps which will guide you during the purchase process.

Visit the purchase page of Max Registry Cleaner here:

Order processing page of plimus will open (Plimus is our payment processor) Fill in the following details.

Language: Select the language you want. (The page will get refreshed as soon as you select any language and the content will change to the language you have selected.)

Currency: On the process page currency drop down box is provided using which you can select the currency. Once you select the currency in the drop down box the page will get refreshed and you can see the price of the software in the currency which you have selected.
The billing currency for all transactions is US dollars, regardless of the display currency.

Quantity: Mention the quantity you want to purchase in this column and click on the update button this will update the price according to the quantity you have mentioned.

Special Offer: We continuously have some kind of the promotional offers for our customers. Don’t forget to check this Special Offer.

After Filling in all the above information click on button.

The second order page will open here there are two sections:

  1. Order Information
  2. Customer Information
    1. Order Information:

      This field you have to fill in the information about the Product you are ordering, quantity and promotional offer if any.

    2. Customer Information:

      This field contains all your personal information. All the mandatory fields are marked with the * sign.

      Fill-in all the information correctly. Check that you are inserting your Email ID correctly as your conformation and registration details will be sent to this Email ID. After you have filled in all the relevant information select the Method of Payment by which you are going to make the payment for the purchase.

      There are various methods of payment available like shown below. Choose one option through which you wish to make the payment.

      1. Secure Online Credit Card
      2. Wire Transfer
      3. Phone
      4. Fax
      5. Mail/ Check/ Money Order
      6. PayPal
      7. Local Bank Transfer

      Click on the button this will open the Payment Options page.

Here on this page you need to fill-in the information related to the payment method you have selected like your credit card number etc. Verify your credit card billing address and click on the Submit button.

Your order will be processed and confirmation email will be sent to you. Also you will receive the Email containing the registration details shortly.

If you have any questions please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer them!

We appreciate your time to offer us your feedback and encourage you to continue to let us know how we can improve our products. As our software is continually developed and improved, new features are always under consideration and your feedback is very helpful.