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Max Total Security

Max Secure Anti Virus Plus
Product Feature Max Total Security Max Anti Virus Plus
Core Malware Protection
  • Protects against Viruses, Rootkits, Worms, Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Keyloggers & Fake AV's
  • Heuristic Technology for Replicating Malware.
  • Detect / Repair Polymorphic and Metamorphic Virus using Emulation Technology.
  • Prevent Malware attack from other infected PC on the network
  • Multi functional Active protection
Yes Yes
Laptop Tracker
  • If you loose your laptop, you can track its Geographic Location
Yes Yes
USB Drive Protection
  • USB Manager
  • Data theft Protection
  • Password protect USB drive
  • Prevent any program on USB drive from runnig on your PC and infecting
Yes Yes
  • Prevent your PC from Network Attacks & Block any Protocol, Port or Application on Demand
Secure Online Banking & Shopping
  • Block Spam
  • Block Phishing
  • Block Malware Website
  • Outlook Plugin to scan emails against Spam & Viruses
Parental Control
  • Computer Usage: Monitor & Control for how many hours a day your children can use PC.
  • Internet Usage: Monitor & Control which hours of any day from Monday to Sunday, your kids should use Internet.
Network Protection Terminates and Prevents network connection to any infected PC on the network to prevent further virus infection Yes  
Application Control Control which program your kids and employees can run on the PC  Yes  
Email Scan and Anti Spam Scan all incoming and outgoing emails to prevent any Malware attack coming on your PC through Emails. Yes  
Web Filter  Control that bad websites do not get browsed on anybrowser on your PC , also configure sites that you do not want to be browsed on your PC category wise, string match or exact URL  Yes  
Anti Phishing  configure keywords which you do not want to see on any websites or in emails, also block scripts, ads and pop-ups, pop-unders Yes  
System Optimization and Enhanced Security   Yes  
Virtual Keyboard  Prevent any key logger program to steal your user name and password of banking and other sites and send to their server  Yes  
PC Tuner Remove redundant file and registry information, incorrect file association, fixing registry will make your PC run faster Yes  
Secure Data Backup Backs up all of your document files automatically or manually on your PC. These files can be later restored in case you have accidentally removed some or all of them or they have been infected by some malware. Yes