Max Secure Software is a proven leader in the Software Security field. It protects your Windows laptop, Mac OSX, iOS, Android and Blackberry mobile devices from many other forms of malicious content and action, by having advanced features such as a firewall, phishing detection over the internet, capability to detect key loggers , Crypto Ransomware and good action against Trojans and worms. Max Sure Software continues to develop the best technolgy and talent available to defeat malware, the ever-increasing threat posed by Internet. Working side-by-side, our renowned security experts, innovative thinkers and experienced professionals from around the globe deliver the most comprehensive and powerful security products available. We seek individuals who demonstrate hard work, passion, commitment and excellence in their field. We take pride in being a company who fulfills "Make-in-India" commitment by developing every module indigenously. 

We have several career options:

1. Software Developer: We require people who can think out-of-box and live with passion to excel in solving challenging problems. We look for Bachelors/Masters in computer engineering (B.E/ B.Tech/ M.Tech./ MCS) with in-depth knowledge in Assembly language, C, C++, VC++ on Windows OS. You will work on core security product team or reverse engineering malware team.

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2. QA/Test Engineer:
You would be responsible for developing and executing test plans and cases for our security products. You should have Bachelors/Masters in computer engineering (B.E/ B.Tech/ M.Tech./ MCS) with in-depth knowledge of Test case, Test plans and Test specifications. You should have excellent communication skills and confidence in your understanding.

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3. Technical Support:
You would be the connect between the company and customer, you are the fron-end. You should have thorough knowledge of windows OS, malware, registry and file system. You should have networking background with formatting and installing new software experience.  You should have Bachelors/Masters in computer engineering (B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech./MCS).

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4. Sales/Marketing intern: You should have excellent sales/marketing skills skills with knowledge of consumer IT software products. You should have Bachelors/Masters in Management..

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At Max Secure, we value our employees. We offer a collaborative, team-based environment where individuals, in all disciplines, drive our success. Our employees enjoy a high-energy atmosphere comprised of self-motivated individuals who take pride in their work and are rewarded for their efforts.


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What the people say?

"Also I think you may would like to know that I have also got Spybot S&D and AdAware but they do not detect half of the problems that Spyware Detector finds. A good product."


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